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Business Intelligence

NMK Global provides business intelligence and data warehouse consulting services to clients ranging from small and medium sized businesses.  Consulting efforts can range from a single consultant developing a strategy report or data model to a full project team designing and creating a complete data warehouse.  Consulting projects focus on delivering a defined work product, such as a strategy study or data warehouse subject area, and managing that effort to completion.


NMK Global clients benefit from the following features of our consulting programs:
Business Intelligence and Data Management Dedication: As opposed to a generic consultancy, NMK Global has always been focused solely in the field of assembling and delivering data.

Templates, Methodologies, and Unique Tools: We start our engagements off with a library of templates and deliverable outlines.  We, also, draw on our BI-specific methodology.   This preexisting intellectual property allows our project teams to ‘hit the ground running’ and more-quickly deliver comprehensive, high quality results.