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ESB and SOA Solutions

An Enterprise Service Bus, or ESB, is the central component of a service-oriented architecture (SOA). An ESB offers a highly distributed, platform agnostic approach to integration, providing standards based support for messaging, Web services, routing and data transformation in which architects exploit the value of messaging without writing code.

The definition of an Enterprise Service Bus is still in its early stages – with some saying it is a tool and others an architecture – for integration. Certain benefits offered by ESBs, however, are widely accepted, namely faster, cheaper, standards-based integration of existing systems with increased flexibility.

NMK global is a unique and powerful Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) that enables organizations to create, compose, and manage services – whether invoked as Web services or through other interfaces. It also provides event-driven integration and B2B interaction management, and, unlike other ESBs, it interoperates with proprietary technologies as well as industry standards.

By helping organizations reuse existing application and infrastructure investments to create powerful and reusable Web services, NMK global Service Manager lays the foundation for service-oriented architecture (SOA) event-driven architecture (EDA).